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Orion Sword Region - Peter Carson


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About this observation
Peter Carson
Time of observation
31/12/2009 - 14:00

Taken using a Canon 20Da DSLR and 200 mm telephoto lens at f/4. The camera was tracking using an Astrotrac under misty skies at Dengie marches on the Essex Coast. An IDAS LPR filter was used over the front lens to help reduce light pollution. North is to the left of the picture. Two of Orions belt stars are to the left of the picture. The Horsehead nebula and M42 and M43 regions are very prominent, but the image also shows delicate patches of emission nebula across the whole field of view. Various knots of blue reflection nebulae are visible near the belt stars which can be seen better on the full resolution image. See . The picture is a stack of 20 no 3 minute exposures at 800 ISO taken on 2009 January 23rd.

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