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NGC7331 galaxy and distant galaxy group


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About this observation
Dean Ashton
Time of observation
26/10/2016 - 23:00
Observing location
St Austell, Cornwall UK
Celestron 235mm EdgeHD SCT
Celestron CGEM Mount
Celestron Nightscape 10100 RGB Camera
Starlight Express LoadstarX2 Guide Camera with off-axis guiding
18x600 second light frames, f/10
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In this image I wanted to collect to capture the small galaxies around in the NGC 7331 Group as well as the large main galaxy.  Just to the North West of NGC 7331 is the distant galaxy NGC 7326.  By framing the image so that NGC 7331 is below the centre of the image we should also be able to capture this additional galaxy.  NGC 7326 is magnitude 15.87; NGC 7336 is magnitude 14.6; NGC 7335 is magnitude 13.80; NGC 7340 is magnitude 13.90; and NGC 7337 is magnitude 14.60.

A total of 18 10-minute images were capture on the 9th and 26th of October 2016.

Nightscape OSC CCD with TEC control.  Camera CCD temperature set to -10.0oC.

Each light frame was calibrated using: a ‘super bias’ created from 64 bias frames; a ‘master dark’ created from 32 dark frames; and a ‘master flat’ created from 50 flat frames.

The image was calibrated, stacked and processed using PixInsight application.

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