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Aurora at Tarbatness


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About this observation
Denis Buczynski
Time of observation
09/03/2018 - 21:33
Aurora Borealis
Observing location
Tarbatness Highland Scotland
Samyang 14mm+Canon 550D
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Hello all, There was a small display of aurora seen here at Tarbatness last night. It was first noticed around 21:00 UT and continued intermittently until 03:30 UT. It first appeared as a bright but diffuse band on the northern horizon about 10 degrees high. It then sharpened into a bright arc which then rose to about 20 degrees high. Activity,rays, banding and waves were seen below the arc and a more diffuse redish glow appeared above the green arc. More active banding and rays were then seen above the arc rising to about 30 degrees. East west motion was evident within the display. The display then subsided at around 22:00 UT and was reinvigorated a couple more times between 22:00 and 03:30. Heavy frost on my lenses meant that I had to clear them on more than one occasion during the night. There are still some 3 foot snow drifts in my garded after last weeks snow storms.This was the first display seen here for some time. Image attached from the early active phase of the display. Denis Buczynski


Dean Ashton's picture

Great image Denis

Denis Buczynski's picture

Thanks Dave, I am pleased that you like the image. This aurora was the first one seen this year from Tarbatness. Last year there were many more displays.Perhaps as we approach the Equinox there will be a few more displays. The image here is one of a time series of over 200 images taken during the display. A time lapse movie of these frames shows the movement and development of the display. Every display is different although the same features appear in all displays. NE Scotland is a great place to see the aurora and a wonderful place for astronomical observing in general with low light pollution and numerous nights of clear sky.

Denis Buczynski

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