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Balmer line widths using an Alpy


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About this observation
Kevin Gurney
Time of observation
18/03/2018 - 12:00
Type A stars with variety of luminance classes
Observing location
West Sheffield
Celestron 8SE
Altair Astro RC10
Alpy 600
Atik 460EX
Celestron 0,63 FR, ASA 0.77FR

Stuck indoors with a snow storm, I was reading Richard Walkers Spectral Atlas for Amateurs. I came to the part about luminance classes (I thru V)  changing the line width in the Balmer series, and wondered if I could see this in my collection of Alpy 600 spectra. I trawled through it and found a set of A-type candidates (taken at various times). I think I can see the effect here....

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