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Clusters and eta Carinae


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About this observation
Nick Hewitt
Time of observation
20/03/2018 - 21:13
Eta Carina region
Observing location
Boa Vista, Cape Verde 15:58:47 N, -22:49:09 W
Canon 60Da
50mm lens at f5.6
IDAS filter
Star Adventurer
5 x 120sec at ISO 1600

The spring Milky Way - sadly unavailable to UK observers.  Nova Carina is to the west of the Eta Carina nebula complex. Superb open clusters abound, especially NGC 3532 to the east and NGC 3114 to the west. The Southern Pleiades (IC 2602) are below the emission nebula, but are a pale shadow of the northern Pleiades (IMHO). The whole area is gorgeous in binoculars.

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