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Exoplanet XO-4b


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About this observation
Dave Smith
Time of observation
23/04/2018 - 00:00
Observing location
William Optics Megrez 90 with 0.8x FR
Atik 460EX mono camera
Muniwin processing software
Multiple 60s

Here is my first attempt at detecting an exoplanet. This was a tricky one for a first attempt as the drop in brightness was only 0.01 magnitude which is right on the limit of my uncertainties. With a little imagination it is just visible. The red lines indicate the predicted start and finish of the transit times (21:54 and 02:18 UT) There are some exoplanets that produce a drop in brightness of 0.02 mag or even greater but on any particular night there is a limited choice of stars to go for. This one is called XO-4b and was found on the Exoplanet Transit Database. My results could look more convincing with more data either side of the transit but dusk and dawn get in the way.

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