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Comet 17P/Holmes - Richard Miles


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About this observation
Richard Miles
Time of observation
27/01/2010 - 11:00
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A stacked image of the enigmatic comet 17P/Holmes as it appears at the moment a little over one month before opposition.  I have displayed the image in two ways to best bring out the features.  George Faillace and I have the comet under scrutiny once again, looking for periodic variations in the brightness of the pseudo-nucleus or further outbursts.  We have applied for and were recently granted observing time on the Liverpool Telescope: observations are due to begin next month.  Note that there still remains a significant diffuse coma possibly indicative of recurrent activity or the aftermath of the massive outburst of 2007 October.  Comet Holmes will reach aphelion in October at distance of 5.19 AU from the Sun after which it will head towards more southern declinations. Images taken with the 2.0m Faulkes Telescope North. Richard Miles.

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