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Messier 13


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About this observation
Paul Anthony Brierley
Time of observation
18/05/2018 - 22:46
M 13
Observing location
Whirlpool Observatory SK11 8LS
Good morning Deep sky fans.
How nice to finally have some clear skies to save these ancient lights. But it is a shame that we didn't have them when the darker skies were here. 
But we all have to make the most of what we have.
On Friday night. I was able to capture this little globular in "Hercules" Actually M 13 is a monster. It contains a whopping 30,000 stars, and you think we have trouble with light pollution!
When processing my pictures. It always amazes me to see things one did not expect. Adjacent to M13 at the quarter to nine positions. You will notice, please a small faint streak.
On further inspection using Starry Night Pro Plus, reveals this to be IC 4617. If I am to believe what I read, this galaxy is M+16.
The exposure times were 180 seconds at -10c. No darks or flats were hurt during the processing.

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