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Jupiter May 17, 2018


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About this observation
Martin Ratcliffe
Time of observation
17/05/2018 - 12:23
Observing location
Valley Center, KS, USA
C14 at F/10
ASI 178MM camera
RGB filter wheel
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2000 frames in each filter, stacked with AutoStakkert, wavelets in Registax, and sharpened in Photoshop, then processed through WinJUPOS. I used my new camera purchased in April and been experimenting on Jupiter.


dawson's picture

A really lovely set of images. I have C14 envy, but I don't use my C11 enough to warrant buying a C14. I am also lazy when it comes to cameras and I am a one shot colour kind of guy. I like seeing the RGB filtered frames, and it always amazes me of the different details which each filter picks up; plenty of signal from the GRS with the red filter (as to be expected), and minimal in the blue filter, but a fair amount in the green. Two questions. 1. was this all imaged at f/10 or do you use a Barlow or Powermate to effectively get more focal length? 2. How often do you collimate your C14 - I know Damian Peach checks his collimation every night and adjusts if necessary. 

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