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Europa transit of Jupiter - 6 June 2018


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About this observation
Geof Lewis
Time of observation
06/06/2018 - 21:09
Jupiter with Europa
Observing location
Astronomic Type2 RGB filters

a series of images showing the Europa and shadow transit of Jupiter, with the GRS just coming into view as the transit ended. Seeing and transparancy started out fair, but deteriorated as the haze at the horizon thickened, eventually losing the sky to complete cloud cover just after the transit ended. Unfortunately I found out after I finished imaging that the connection to my dew heater strap had come lose, so it wasn't working resulting in a fair degree of dew on the corrector lens, which no doubt adversely contribution to the poor quality 3rd and 4th images. Furthermore the 4th image was compiled from incomplete data as Jupiter completely disappeared behind cloud during the capture of the blue channel data. I've include the last image merely to complete the record of my observation of the entire transit.

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