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Rotation period of Jupiter


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About this observation
Rui Manuel Horta Lourenço
Time of observation
10/06/2018 - 00:38
Observing location
Amora, Seixal, Portugal
SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm APO
Mount EQ6
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In this gift of Jupiter we notices the speed of rotation of the planet . In this about 3 hours between the first image and the last one the planet makes more than 1/4 of its period of rotation. Also note the course of Io, one of its natural satellites. Setup. Skywatcher Esprit 100 APO, ASI224 MC, Televue powermate 5x. 20 avi 3000 frames (used 75% on the stack). Pipp to fix avi, AutoStaker2 + Registax + Photoshop.


Jeremy's picture

Welcome to BAA Member Pages, and welcome to the BAA!

That is a very fine image of Jupiter. Thank you for sharing.


I tried to post a gif but it did'n work. What was the reason?

Andy Wilson's picture

Hi Rui,

First of all welcome to the BAA!

Unfortunately the BAA website does not support animated gifs at this time. We might consider adding it in future, but as it requires some website development it has to compete with other demands on the website support team.

Best wishes,


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