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Mercury in infrared, June 11th


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About this observation
Chris Hooker
Time of observation
11/06/2018 - 16:45
Observing location
Didcot, Oxfordshire
254 mm F/6.3 Newtonian
TeleVue 3x Barlow
Baader IR-pass filter
ZWO ASI120MM-S camera
1 msec
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Mercury observed in the late afternoon. The jet stream was minimal, but local seeing conditions were very bad so that only a very small proportion of the captured frames could be used. However, there are a few bright spots visible in the final image which match those in the Messenger reference images.

Please see the safety note in my post from June 3rd regarding the precautions needed to make this observation.


Fossil Light's picture

Great image again Chris. Doesn't that elongation fall outside your 2.25 to 4.2deg safe range though?



Chris Hooker's picture

Hi Martin,

Actually, the point about the 4.2 degrees is that then the tip of the sunlight cone is hitting the rim of the tube right at the top, so the energy is pretty concentrated and I'm not happy about that. Once the elongation increases to more than around 6 degrees, the reflected sunlight never gets close to focus but is spread out over the inside of the tube. It still has the potential to induce tube currents, but for this observation I had a piece of old sheet wrapped around the tube (which is metal) and sprayed it with water from time to time to see if that would help by keeping it cool. It's hard to say whether it helped: more experiments are needed.



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