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Scorpius above the Southern Horizon


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About this observation
Andrew Paterson
Time of observation
29/06/2018 - 23:12
The constellation Scorpius
Observing location
Hill Head Beach
Canon Powershot G7X
4s F1.8 ISO 400

 An enlarged part of the next image showing the part of the constellation Scorpius visible from the south of the UK.  It is possible to follow down the scorpion's body from Antares but the southernmost part of the constellation is not visible from the UK.  Lambda Scorpii (Shaula) forming the sting in the scorpion's tail is visible just above the horizon towards the left side of the image. It is one of the southernmost bright stars visible from the UK with a declination of -37deg 06m so from my observation site at +50deg 49m it rises to just over 2 deg at culmination. It is not visible in any part of the UK north of 53 deg. Also just visible to the right and below Shaula (this is easier if you expand the image ) is Mu1 Scorpii at declination -38deg 04 min which rises to 1 deg only.

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