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NGC 7129 region and V350 Cep


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About this observation
David Swan
Time of observation
04/08/2018 - 22:04
V350 Cep
Observing location
Tynemouth, UK
200mm SCT @ f/7
Baader Photometric V Filter
FireCapture, DeepSkyStacker and Astrometrica
5 x 20s

Another young eruptive star. (I haven't marked it with a red line, as I didn't want to sully this image. Check out the AAVSO VSP if you are interested.)

Time stated is UT.

V350 Cep measured as V = 16.03

Check star (AAVSO 000-BKL-923; ref V = 13.141) measured as V = 13.22. I am not surprised by this difference, as the brightness of this check star is actually outside the range (V = 14 - 17) used to photometrically reduce the image.

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