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Almost complete, very large mosaic of 17 day old Moon.....


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About this observation
Geof Lewis
Time of observation
26/09/2018 - 18:44
Moon Mosaic
Observing location
Astronomic Type2 Green filter

On the night of 26/27 Sept 2018 I made a 2nd attempt at a nearly full Moon mosaic, but as with my first attempt 4 years ago, I once again failed to get sufficient overlap on some of the frames to complete the task

I took greater care this time (well I tried to anyway) to allow margin overlaps as I move systematically across the lunar surface in zig zag vertical passes, shooting some 121 videos over an elapsed time of 2.75 hours. I started shooting videos of 2000 frames each, but halfway through realised that I would run out of disc space on my laptop so reduced capture to 1000 frames per video, even then capturing in excess of 160Gb data. All videos were shot using an Astronomik Green filter.

Each video was processed in Autostakkert (AS3!) selecting best 200 frames, then sharpened with wavelets in Registax before taking into PS for final tweaks and cropping out edge artefacts. The individual frames were stitched together one by one in iMerge to produce the final high resolution, but still incomplete image.

With the 2Mb limit for uploads to BAA, this is a very low resolution image of what started out as a 276Mb bmp image. For anyone inter4ested a higher resoltion jpeg version may be seen on my Astrobin page at....

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