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Homemade 6" F5.1 and mount setup 1969


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About this observation
Peter Anderson
Time of observation
12/10/2018 - 15:00
Home made telescope and drive setup 1969
Observing location
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Standard camera
Not relevant

Image was taken February 1970

The whole arrangement was the brainchild of Peter Smith who constructed it. It was mounted on a solid poured concrete block. Peter's father was a house builder and had considerable 'know how' and would have assisted. I purchased the mounting in 1969 and used it for around 4 years before onselling it.

The 35mm SLR body (not shown),was mounted at the newtonian focus of the telescope, by a bolt through a wooden block. There was a slow motion motor for RA but the Dec fine adjustment was provided by the long 1/4" rod with a can lid at one end. The top mounting in the angle iron bar was a 1/4" thread, and the one in the base was a 3/16" thread. The difference between the two threads allowed slow motion in either direction. This arrangement was affixed to a fitting where by means of a wing nut affixed to a pointed bolt, it could be screwed tight into the plywood box once the desired field was obtained, with fine declination adjustments as already described.

A 60mm F700mm guide scope with 3X barlow was mounted on top. To illuminate the crosshairs, a red painted rheostat adjustable bulb was placed inside the lenscap of the 60mm scope (Controlled by the film box marked 'Light'.) The toggle switch on the other 35mm slide film box operated the reversible RA drive correction motor.

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