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The workings of the 1969 6" telescope mount


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About this observation
Peter Anderson
Time of observation
12/10/2018 - 15:00
Telescope drive
Observing location
Brisbane, Australia
Standard camera
Not Relevant

This image was taken in February 1970.

The workings themselves. The bar on the top right was lifted and placed in its present position to disengage the drive - so that coarse adjustment could be made in RA.

The drive was Meccano based, driven by a rubber band via a gramophone motor spindle (240V AC). Standard small rubber bands were used. Only very rarely was their square profile a problem (rolling over).  Speed adjustment was by screwing the fitting on the right up or down so that the nail on which the small pulley was mounted was raised or lowered, thus reducing or increasing the speed. A similar nail and small pulley is on the left to ensure the drive is square on to the Meccano mechanism.

RA adjustment was by small reversible  6V motor and similar rubber band drive through the Meccano gearing. The inspection bulb on the raiseable wooden arm is simply scewed in or out for on/off. The mounting block is solid concrete.

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