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The compleat nerd 2X Galilean spectacles


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About this observation
Peter Anderson
Time of observation
26/05/2012 - 15:00
Galilean style spectacles
Observing location
Brisbane, Australia
Standard camera
Not relevant

I was given this when someone was clearing out old stuff. (I did not purchase it.) It is 2 magnification (approx), with a field of view 30 degrees wide, falling off at the edges. The unit is branded 'COIL' and the focus for each eye is adjustable at each side.  The image at the centre of the field of view is very clear and sharp, similar to other low magnification Galilean units.  It suffers badly from stray light so a user would be best advised to wear a cap - with brim forward, or a hat as shielding.  Apart from that it is laughable to look at (see images), but very convenient to use. Lastly, 'Would I go out in public with it?' - Definitely NOT!  Have I used it?  No, just for a quick gawk.

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