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About this observation
Nick James
Time of observation
04/01/2019 - 01:50
Observing location
Chelmsford, UK
Megrez 90, x0.8 FF, ASI294MC

Last night the cloud started to clear here around 11pm. By midnight the sky was cloud free but quite hazy. I started an image of comet 46P/Wirtanen and had another look at the weeather forecast. It implied that it might be clear at dawn so I wanted to have another go at Comet C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto) which is low in the southeast at around 6am. The Wirtanen image finished before 1am and I needed to get to bed so I left the telescope imaging M81/M82 and set my alarm for 5am. As it happened cloud arrived around 2:30am so this is only an 84 minute integration but it goes quite deep (around V=18) given that this was only a 90mm aperture and shows the faint satellite galaxy of M81, UGC 5336. No chance to get C/2018 Y1 but the sky cleared fairly quickly after dawn.

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