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Dusty Mars...


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
30/01/2019 - 18:20
203mm Newtonian Reflector
x312 & x400
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An observation of Mars I made on 30th January 2019 using my 203mm Newtonian reflector.  Conditions were quite unusual- the sky was dark and very transparent and yet the seeing conditions were excellent at around AI-II.  As a result I was able to use a power of x400 to examine the surface:
  • The small SPC was just visible.
  • The Hellas basin was on the prec. limb and appears to be filled with yellowish dust.
  • It also seems as though there was dust in both Nachos and the Argyre basins.
  • Sinus Sabeus quite prominent and easy to see, to the south Pandorae Fretum was also easy to make out. 
  • Mare Eyrthraeum seemed somewhat washed out.
  • Bright white clouds seem to be present to the the far north.
The outdoor thermometer recorded a temperature of -6.3° last night, although it is in a sheltered spot so quite probably colder- not of course as cold as the Martian deserts of Moan, Eden and Cydonia visible in the drawing north of Sinus Sabaeus!
Best wishes,
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