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Slooh T5ST Solar H-Alpha 20190318T133319UTC


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About this observation
Andrew Dumbleton
Time of observation
18/03/2019 - 13:33
Observing location
Slooh Canary Is. N28.29970, W016.50826, Alt.:2372 metres
Telescope: Lunt 60mm Double-Stack H-Alpha
Filter: H-Alpha bandwidth (<0.5 Angstrom bandpass)
Camera: Celestron Skyris 236C

An image that was taken whilst I was operating Slooh's Canary 5 Solar Telescope on the 18th March 2019.

Full technical detail:

Manufacturer: Lunt, Model: Double-Stack H-Alpha Telescope, Aperture: 2.36" (60mm), Focal Length: 500mm (19.7"), Nominal Focal Ratio: f/8.3

Video Camera: 
Manufacturer: Celestron, Model: Skyris 236C High-Frame-Rate Video, CMOS chip: Sony EXMOR IMX236 CMOS, Resolution: 1920×1080, Pixel Size: 2.8×2.8μm, Sensor Size: 5.38×3.36mm

Image Specification:
Image Scale: 1.16arcseconds/pixel, North Angle: 0° (North-Up), Angular Size: 0° 37' 07" x 0° 20' 53" (Field-Of-View), Resolution: 1920×1080

Manufacturer: Software Bisque, Model: Paramount ME, Type: German Equatorial Mount (GEM), Instrument Capacity: 150lbs (60kg)

Manufacturer: AstroHaven Enterprises, Type: Clamshell, Size: 12ft (3.7 metres)

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