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C4.8 flare from AR2736


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About this observation
Mick Nicholls
Time of observation
20/03/2019 - 10:41
C4,8 class flare from AR2736
Observing location
Sheffield UK
40mm Single stack PST H-Alpha scope
DMK31 camera
TS Optics altazimuth mount
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I set up to do some experimental Solar imaging with my DSLR camera (which didn't work). The sky was quite hazy so i thought i wouldn't waste any good skies. After about 20 minutes the sky cleared and out of the Blue a flare erupted from new Sunspot AR2736. Each image is made up from a 500 frame AVI captured with a DMK31 camera. I also used a 4x barlow and a 40mm single stack PST H-Alpha scope. I was on an altazimuth mount (from my earlier experiments) so i had to hand guide to follow the Sun. 

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