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First Sunspots October 2003


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About this observation
Honor Wheeler
Time of observation
31/03/2019 - 23:56
Observing location
Wilmington, Kent.
Orion Optics 6" Newtonian
Fuji FinePix 2600
Folding Music stand & A4 paper

The date of these images is not 2019 but 2003 as the upload date doesn't go back far enough. As we observe the end of another Solar cycle I recall my very first solar observations and images. I joined Crayford AS back in September 2003 and was subsequently given the collective title of "One of the Monday nighters!". As a greenhorn to all things astronomical, I was lucky enough to be taught by the next best Amateur astronomer to Patrick Moore (I think so anyway) Richard 'Dick to his friends' Chambers. Boy was I lucky, what didn't this guy know! Well I had a telescope, an Orion Optics 6" Newtonian which seemed to be OK, according to Dick, phew. So I set about learning my new hobby and of course with a great deal of Dick's help and encouragement, produced my very first Solar images. These images were taken on the 26th & 27th of October 2003 using said 6" Newtonian, a borrowed 2MP digital camera, a music stand and a sheet of white A4 paper to which I projected the solar images onto. I took my poorly printed images to my next 'Monday school night' and thus I was introduced to the Thursday nighters or the as they were known then ' The Advanced class'. I have never looked back and I am still learning but I will be forever grateful to Dick and all the other members of Crayford and the BAA for some really amazing astronomical adventures. There is a new Sunspot today AR2737 from cycle 24 here's looking to cycle 25...!

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