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Venus in Infra Red- high phase


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About this observation
Ron Palgrave
Time of observation
25/05/2019 - 06:54
Observing location
Stanley, North East England
Meade LX200 14 SCT
FILTERS 685nm and 850 nm

The Venus  Section Co-Ordinator has encouraged imagers to try and  follow Venus up to high phases values . I find imaging Venus to be most successful around dawn. But for most of this year, the image has still been unstable, with little detail disclosed.  Undoubtedly, the low planet altitude at dawn is the root cause. But, as the planet gains altitude, features are now starting to reveal themselves.
If I was more competent with Photoshop then I might be able to tease out more contrast, but this seems too  brutal a step at this stage.  I suspect I need to go back to basics and try to improve contrast in the initial image.
Ron Palgrave

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