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The Tidal Tail of NGC 3628


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About this observation
Peter Goodhew
Time of observation
28/03/2019 - 23:22
NGC 3628
Observing location
Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain
APM TMB 152 LZOS refractors
10Micron GM2000 HPS mount
QSI6120wsg8 cameras
27.5 hours total integration

The large spiral galaxy NGC 3628 is 30 million light years away and it shares its neighborhood with two other large spirals, M65 and M66 in the grouping known as the Leo Triplet.  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the group is the spectacular tail which stretching down for about 300,000 light-years from NGC 3628's warped, edge-on disk.  This "tidal tail" has been drawn out of the galaxy by gravitational tides through past interactions with its large neighbors.  This effect is not often imaged and Peter has captured it well here.

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