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Sol in H-alpha 30 June 2019


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About this observation
John Hughes
Time of observation
30/06/2019 - 08:44
Observing location
North Essex, UK
William Optics Z61
Celestron AVX Mount
Daystar Quark Chromosphere
10ms exposure, gain 32
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The Sun remains quiet on the Chromosphere despite some interesting prominences (especially Friday 18 June 2019).

Attached is a full disk image of the Sun captured using SharpCap Pro. The disk is made up of eight separate images comprised of the same number of AVI files containing 1,000 frames. The best 45% of the frames were used to make each image.

Each AVI was stacked using the free software, Autostakkert, then in Photoshop the images were combined using the automated photo merge function with blending.

Towards the centre of the Sun is a small plage. Higher gain settings reveal a large fragmented arch type prominence on the North East limb and a smaller 'flame' type one on the South West limb but are not shown in this image.

Thanks for checking in.


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