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Apollo 11 1st Moon Walk - exactly 50 years on


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About this observation
Geof Lewis
Time of observation
21/07/2019 - 03:05
Apollo 11 Landing Site
Observing location
Astronomic IR742 PRO

I captured this image just a few minutes (plus 50 years) after Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words, 'just one small step for man.....'.
I was up all night determined to try and mark the 50 year anniversary with an image of the Apollo 11 landing site. I was fighting clouds all night, but with the rerun of the 'live' feed between Mission Control, Columbia and the LM (Eagle) for company.
I was clouded out for at least an hour prior to the time of the exact Moon Walk anniversary, so imagine my surprise and delight when the clouds rolled away leaving a bright Moon in a clear brightening sky with just a couple of minutes to go - that too might be a once in 50 year experience....!! I had to reframe the camera and check focus, so was a few minutes later than planned with the capture, but close enough....
The image was captured through my C14 using, my ASI 120MM-s camera and an IR filter at prime focus of my C14.

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