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About this observation
Clive Nanson
Time of observation
23/05/2019 - 23:23
Observing location
North West leicestershire
Canon EOS 200D
Canon EF 100mm F2.0 USM
Homemade camera drive
100 x 30 sec at F2.0, ISO 1600
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A stack of 100 exposures taken on 2 separate nights.  The first set of 50 exposures were taken on 21-05 but due to polar misalignment, each image showed drift of about 5 pixels.  The second set of 50 exposures were taken on 23-05 and showed no drift.  Initially I just stacked the second set of 50 but I found that stacking the full 100 actually improved the individual star images, particularly in the corners (perhaps due to using Sigma-Kappa stacking?).

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