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ABF and domes


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About this observation
Time of observation
23/04/2018 - 19:07
Apennine Bench Formation (ABF) which is volcanic in origin
Observing location
Rome Italy
Mak Cassegrain 18 cm

Image regarding Apennine Bench Formation (ABF) which is volcanic in origin, including a dome to the east termed Huxley 1. Based on the boundaries of the ABF we argue the presence of a possible megadome extending for 120km and with an average slope angle ξ of 0.5°. The elevation of the examined region (ABF) would indicate that a phase of uplift occurred likely under the influence of a laccolith like intrusion in the shallow crust. The suggested intrusive volcanism of laccolith formation was accompanied by related surface activity. The presence of lunar cones indicates that intrusive, effusive and explosive processes, including pyroclastic material, might be involved into the formation of the proposed megadome but not necessarily simultaneously (different volcanic phases), and the different volcanic features in this lunar region may even have formed completely independent of each other.

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