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Milichius and T. Mayer domes field


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About this observation
Time of observation
25/04/2018 - 20:50
Domes in Milichius- T. Mayer
Observing location
Rome Italy
Mak Cassegrain 18 cm

The region west of Copernicus extending from Hortensius to Milichius and to Tobias Mayer contains large numbers of lunar domes and cones. The basalts of Oceanus Procellarum exhibit a wide range of spectral characteristics and ages. Spectrally, large parts of Mare Insularum are influenced by basalt lavas of low to moderate TiO2 content on which ejecta of the craters Copernicus, Kepler, and Eratosthenes are superimposed. In this wide volcanic region, domes of moderate to steep slope are located. During our “long” survey (15 years since 2004) we have identified and characterized a total of 20 domes (M1-M20) in the Milichius -Tobias Mayer region and 11 domes (H1-H11) in the Hortensius region, for a total of 31 domes (until now).


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