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The Andromeda galaxy


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About this observation
Simon Dawes
Time of observation
27/09/2019 - 21:39
M31, Andromeda galaxy
Observing location
Kelling Heath, England
Samyang 135mm f2
Canon 600D (Full spectrum mod)
CLSCCD clip-in filter
iOptron Star Tracker
115x 60s
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Having expected Kellingheath Star Party to be a complete washout I was very surprised to find it was actually the best for some years for visual observing. However I did also manage to take some images of M31 with my new lens, I've processed this image in Astro Pixel Processor and finished in Photoshop. 

For the record the weather in Kelling Heath was 'scary', especially being in a tent, but this was mainly during the day, and we chose to come home a day early to avoid the predicted 50mph winds!


Very  nice image  using  easily  carried  and  uncomplicated equipment .  Long may  North Norfolk  remain devoid of serious Light pollution. 

Simon Dawes's picture

Kelling Heath is a lovely site, and the kit is easy to transport and use, it is an upgrade from the nifty fifty I've used in previous years. I spend most my time visual observing with a 12" truss Dob designed by Dieter Martini ( with the mirrors out of an old OO DX300f4 (my first telescope and still using it - well the main mirror - the rest was junk) so the imaging is very much a secondary focus. The skies are great and whilst staring mesmerised at the clarity of the Milkyway our favourite topic is to remember how darker it was in the past, in reality I'm not so sure... 

nickjames's picture

Nice image. I wondered if the Crayford tent had been blown into the North Sea.

Simon Dawes's picture

We went expecting to be clouded out so by our 3rd night of clear skies (good enough for spinning around with the Dob.) we decided that with the predicted 50mph winds and driving rain on Sunday it would be best to pack up and go home on Saturday, tent in one piece. The daytime weather was 'biblical' even scary at times, most of our group got soaked to the skin at least once whilst out enjoying the site of outstanding beauty that is Kelling Heath.

Honor Wheeler's picture

Nice one Simon :)

Simon Dawes's picture


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