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The planet Uranus


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About this observation
Martin Lewis
Time of observation
03/12/2019 - 22:16
Observing location
St Albans, UK
444mm Dobsonian
ASI290MM camera
Bader 610nm LP filter
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Martin comments that this was his best view of the planet Uranus since 2015 Oct 31.  The planet on this occasion was imaged on the night of very good seeing using 8.6msec exposures for planet at gain of 500x using an ASI290MM camera and 610nm long pass filter. The image is a combination of the best 15% of 14 minutes of video data, combined in Winjupos using image derotate function.

The moons were imaged separately at a longer exposure (100msec), processed separately and then combined with planetary image.

The data are currently being analysed for possible light spots at the border of the lighter polar region.

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