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Annotated Meteor Radiant Map


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About this observation
Steve Bosley
Time of observation
30/11/2020 - 12:48
Composite Meteor Radiants
Observing location
ALL UK Meteor Stations
multiple CCTV day/night cameras

Radiant maps are now fairly commonplace and are a good way to demonstrate the spread across the night sky of the meteors observed from the UK by our NEMETODE and UKMON video camera networks. However, in isolation they can be a bit vague and so I set myself the challenge of adding bright stars and constellation outlines to the chart. What I hadn't foreseen was that the "normal" projection plotted everything onto a globe aka the earth and so I needed to flip the ra coordinates of everything to produce this chart (which  shows the highest quality (Q3) observations of all meteors captured by more than one meteor station between 2012 and end November 2019. The bright stars are sized according to magnitude (but no, this does not consider the recent behaviour of Betelgeuse!).

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