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Caliban (Uranus XVI)


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About this observation
Paul Leyland
Time of observation
13/01/2020 - 23:00
Caliban (Uranus XVI)
Observing location
Tacande Observatory, MPC J22
0.4m Dilworth-Relay
SX Trius Pro 814
No filter
356 30-second subs, average stacked (2h58m total)
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It occurred that median co-addition tends to lead to noisier images than taking the average of the subs and, further, a little gentle smoothing might improve the visibility of such a faint object.  Accordingly, although the data going into this image is exactly the same as that in, the subs are average stacked and the result smoothed with a 3-pixel diameter, 0.3 pixel sigma Gaussian function.  Essentially the same contrast-stretching was used as in the earlier image.

In my opinion, Caliban is now rather easier to see but it is still far from being blindingly obvious.


Xilman's picture

Sorry folks.  I made a cut and paste error when filling in the submission form. It has now been corrected from the initial and erroneous 1080s.  The earlier submission of the median-added image contained the correct data.


Xilman's picture

Another two hours fiddling produced a clearer image.  Rather than posting it here and cluttering the place with yet another copy of the same data I will point you to

The differences are that I dumped some of the poorer subs (worse than average seeing or tracking errors), tweaked the contrast stretching some more, used a positive image (white stars on grey sky) and presented a somewhat wider FOV.

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