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The Terminator at 1st Quarter


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About this observation
Simon Dawes
Time of observation
02/03/2020 - 19:59
The Moon
Observing location
Bexleyheath, Kent (S.E. London really), England
Sky Watcher MN190
1500 of 3000 frames @8bit each frame was ~30ms
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I hope you like the image, I love scrolling around the Moon looking at its features, I can spend hours lost in it - if you have a high res display it is worth zooming in past the 100% mark - at least on my monitor I find this reveals more features that are just too small at 100% on a high res 'retina' type display.

For this image I experimented with 1500 frames at 16bit depth (12 bit really) and 3000 frames at 8bit depth, keeping 50% of the frames in the stack in both cases, the 8bit depth video was quicker to take and stack (despite more frames) and gave better results, I guess the number of frames trumps bit depth in this case.

The original video was ~45GB in size this jpg image is ~232KB which when you think about it is an amazing compression ratio, the final Tiff with layers preserved is 118MB.

Sharpening was completed in photoshop using varying sizes of un-sharp masks (I have a macro so it only takes 30s to do :-) )

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