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Globular Cluster Messier 13


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About this observation
Peter Goodhew
Time of observation
11/03/2020 - 23:00
Messier 13
Observing location
Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain
APM TMB 152 LZOS Refractor
QSI6120wsg8 camera
Astrodon Blue: 12x300" Astrodon Green: 15x300" Astrodon Red: 15x300" Astrodon Luminance: 71x300" Total Integration: 9.4 hours

Messier 13, in the constellation Hercules, is a globular cluster of hundreds of thousands of stars.  It is a spectacular sight in moderate sized telescopes, looking rather like diamonds sprinkled on black velvet. The cluster is about 24,000 light years from earth and approximately 145 light years in diameter.

Peter took this image during a full moon.

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