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Moon drawing May 1960


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About this observation
Alan B Thomas
Time of observation
07/05/2020 - 09:33
The Moon
Observing location
Wilmslow, Cheshire
Ottway 'Orion' 4" Newtonian

This is my first drawing of the Moon, made on May 7 1960 at the eyepiece of my first 'proper' telescope when I was twelve years old. I was fortunate in that our house had a south-facing garden that opened out onto a river valley so I enjoyed a lot of dark sky. I built a brick pier with four bolts protruding from the top to hold the base of the telescope steady. I remember thinking that a big problem with drawing was that you couldn't see what you were doing without destroying your night vision, let alone how you could hold the paper, pencil and a torch at the same time. Where was the third hand? I'm not at all sure how I managed to produce this!

It was a time of massive boyish enthusiam and the Moon was so big and easy to find that I found it hugely exciting to be doing Astronomy. I felt that I had joined a band of fellow star-gazers, with Patrick Moore as our Chief, rallying the troops each month via The Sky At Night.

Happy days!

P.S. The 31" refers to the focal length not the aperture! - which was 4".

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