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Lunar Partial Eclipse March 24 1959


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About this observation
Alan B Thomas
Time of observation
26/03/2020 - 12:34
Lunar Partial Eclipse
Observing location
Ruislip, Middlesex
37mm Refractor

This is my first recorded observation, March 24 1959. The 'instrument' consisted of a small lens at the end of a cardboard tube with a plastic binocular objective mounted in a toilet roll centre as an eyepiece! There was no mount; I stuck it through a convenient hedge by the path from our front door in suburban London. Wow! I was a real astronomer now.

At the time I thought the magnification was about x10: now I'm not convinced it was much above zero. But as a 10-year old, it felt as if I was I was looking through the Yerkes 40".

I noted that this was "Quite a memorable drawing as the next eclipse visible from England is not until August 1961" !!

It was enthralling to see an eclipse, not just a picture but the real thing. That sense of wonder, awe even, has never seemed quite so sharp as it was then - but it's still there. In fact it's why I still get a buzz out of looking into an eyepiece.

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