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Leo Triplet, M65, 66 & NGC 3628


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About this observation
Simon Dawes
Time of observation
27/03/2020 - 00:00
M65, M66, NGC3628
Observing location
Bexleyheath, Kent (S.E. London really), England
Sky Watcher MN190
ZWO ASI 1600Pro
Luminance 2hrs, Ha 25min, SII 50min, OIII 35min
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Spurred on by a couple of images by CMHASD members of the Leo Triplet, and having completely failed to process mine first time round - I think we must have all imaged it on the same night - I had another go processing it - this is only my 3rd image using a mono camera and filters, my filters are a little unconventional (I think), as I'm doing LHSO (luminance, Ha, SII & OIII) in place of LRGB.

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