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Telescope Ad W. Ottway & Co., Ealing c.1960


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About this observation
Alan B Thomas
Time of observation
05/04/2020 - 13:03
Telescope Ad W. Ottway & Co., Ealing c.1960

This is another advert for a 6" F8 reflector, c.1960, this time by W. Ottway & Co of Ealing. It is the first page of a brochure which, curiously, switches from neat print for the first two pages to scruffy type-written text for the last two. Compared to the similar sized telescope offered by Irving & Son, this looks a much more sophisticated piece of kit; the mount is particularly intricate. However it is also much more expensive - £130, eyepieces extra. You could have bought a small car new for about £500 at the time. So at today's prices this telescope would have cost you well over £3000.

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