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Soul Nebula in Cassiopeia


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About this observation
eric walker
Time of observation
20/03/2020 - 23:50
Soul Nebula
Observing location
Beinn View Observatory, Conon Bridge. Scottish Highlands
Celestron C11 SCT with Hyperstar Lens (f/2)
ZWO ASI 071 MC Pro Imaging Camera
70/700mm Guide Scope with ZWO 290MC Camera
SharpCap 3.2 and PHD2 imaging & guiding software
PixInsight, Lightroom, & PS processing software
31x240sec subs + flats

This wide-field shot of the nebula shows the highly active regions which are energised by massive new bright-blue supergiant stars some fifty times larger than our Sun. These young stars are eroding away several picturesque dust pillars with their energetic light and winds.

Imaging camera: ZWO ASI071MC Pro (cooled to -20°C)
31 frames captured: exposure 240 sec, gain 100, offset/brightness 25, RAW16 (.FIT), 4944x3284px, SharpCap v3.2
PixInsight: registered & stacked, frames integrated with drizzle algorithm. Master light image processed to final draft stage
Lightroom & Photoshop: final draft refined and annotated

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