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Supernova 2020hfv in NGC3643


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About this observation
Simon Dawes
Time of observation
13/05/2020 - 23:59
Supernova 2020hfv in NGC3643
Observing location
Bexleyheath, Kent (S.E. London really), England
Sky Watcher MN190
Skywatcher EQ6 Pro
IDAS LPS D2 filter
300s subs
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It's a horrible image, my guiding was looking very good (RMS 0.7") but I was getting a bit of trailing - I've not been able to track this down yet and it seems to be intermittent, but often in the same general physical position hopefully once I've fitted an OAG it will solve the problem. 

Very faint Galaxy, very bright SN!

I used some tricks in Photoshop to hide the poor tracking (well a little - it isn't perfect) and reduced the space noise.

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