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Moon, Mercury, Venus


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About this observation
Grant Privett
Time of observation
24/05/2020 - 22:00
Crescent moon, Venus and Mercury
Observing location
Broad Chalke
Canon M3
EFS 15-85mm Zoom
1/60th and 3200ISO

I glanced outside and remembered that Venus is now rushing in toward conjunction, Mercury was nearby and the Moon should be putting in an appearance. So, I grabbed a camera and walked out into the field behind our house but I forgot to take a tripod so it was all handheld. I went for a shortish exposure and a higher ISO to try to avoid my wobbling hands messing things up. Mostly got away with it. Managed to get this at full zoom. Venus not a point source due to its large size today. Was a truly beautiful evening made nicer by a barn owl which swept across the field (but studiously keeping out the shot, alas).

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