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A Very Tiny Venus


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About this observation
Pete Lawrence
Time of observation
28/05/2020 - 09:32
Observing location
Thornton, Leicestershire, UK
C14 scope at f/28
This image was taken using a C14 @ f/28 with a ZWO ASI174MM camera through an IR742nm infra-red pass filter. Times, etc are on the images. With a narrow elongation from the Sun it was necessary to shield my C14 using a long section of card from a 12-inch Skywatcher 300PDS telescope box (it seemed appropriate). The shield was surprisingly strong despite being 1.5m in length. A shout must go to my stalwart Losmandy G-11 mount which held the C14 and shield extremely rigid. As you can imagine, such a size of shield acts like a sail with even a gentle gust of wind, but the G-11 didn't budge. 
Up to this date (and for the next few days, hopefully) Venus was located by offsetting from the Sun using the Losmandy's setting circles. A digital finder was used to locate Venus post the offset, and centre for the main scope. 
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