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Solar prominence


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About this observation
Philip Masding
Time of observation
01/06/2020 - 08:00
Observing location
Coranado PST
Orion Barlow lens

Prior to lockdown and the recent incredible weather, the PST had been sitting in a corner largely ignored! However recently I've been looking out for opportunities to image prominences and this is the biggest one I've seen. To get the PST to focus on a typical camera you need a Barlow lens. The Orion Barlow lens unscrews from its body and can then screw into the camera nose piece like a filter. 

This is a montage of  2 images. The first is exposed to bring out the prominence which saturates the disk and the second exposed for the disk. I then pasted them as separate layers in Paint Shop Pro and then used difference mode to combine them. The result is a negative image of the disk but I think it looks good!

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