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First light over Clavius, 2020 May 30


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About this observation
Bill Leatherbarrow
Time of observation
30/05/2020 - 21:19
Crater Clavius
Observing location
OMC300 Mak-Cass
ASI290MM camera
IR 742nm pass filter

I have waited many years to capture Clavius under lighting conditions similar to those caught by Harold Hill in his superb drawing of 1973 April 11. The match is not perfect, since Harold's observation was made under unfavourable libration and my image taken under favourable libration. Also, seeing conditions were not particularly kind at the time the image was captured. But a comparison with Harold's drawing, also reproduced here, invites admiration for the accuracy and artistry of one of the twentieth century's greatest visual observers of the Moon. August this year will mark the centenary of Harold Hill's birth, and we hope to commemorate this in the August issue of the Lunar Section Circular.

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