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Light curve for SN 2020ue in NGC 4636


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About this observation
Gary Poyner
Time of observation
17/06/2020 - 16:04
SN 2020ue in NGC 4636
Observing location
Birmingham & Mt. Teide
22cm F6.5 dobsonian
51cm F4 dobsonian
35cm SCT + CCD Mt. Teide (COAST)
Canary 2 SLOOH

The 'forgotten' supernova of 2020 (Martin Mobberley also has a very nice light curve).   This type 1a SN has been visible for nearly six months of the year - from January to June.   

Maximum lasted 5d, after which a two magnitude fade took 29d.  The decline then slowed down and a further two magnitude fade was observed over a further 78d.   Once magnitude 16 was reached, small amplitude variations (0.4 mag) are detected in the light curve.  These are real variations, and show well in CCD observations in the AAVSO light curve.

At +02 degrees declination, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to follow the SN to just below magnitude 16 visually. 

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