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NLC from Epsom, Surrey


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About this observation
Peter Mugridge
Time of observation
05/07/2020 - 22:06
Noctilucent Clouds
Observing location
Epsom, Surrey
Nikon D40 - hand held
f5.6 for 3.6 seconds at ISO1600

Apologies once more for the foreground blur; at least the NLC structure is still there!  I think I should at this stage explain that I have a trap door style skylight, but this opens towards the northerly aspect - which is perfectly logical for 99% of all astronomical observations as it is better to have the southerly and easterly aspects unobstructed, but of course the other 1% will be NLCs - and this is why it is particularly difficult to do anything other than hand hold the camera with it jammed against the skylight frame when looking in that direction...  Over the three recent instances of NLCs that I have posted up here today I in fact took far more images - but had to reject the rest of them and delete them on the spot as not only was the foreground blurred in them, but so were the NLCs themselves!

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