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NEOWISE close-up comparison


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About this observation
Peter Tickner
Time of observation
17/07/2020 - 21:47
Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE and M27
Observing location
Urban Berkshire
ZWO ASI071 MC Pro CMOS camera
200mm f/5 carbon fibre Newtonian
EQ6 mount

This was the first night that NEOWISE had obliged by moving high enough and far enough to North to clear local obstructions and allow me to get a telescope onto it.  I was surprised to find that with a colour camera close-up there is a green coma with the gold coloured tail we can see in the wider field images.  The start of the Ion tail can be seen too in this image, which is a combined stack of 20x15seconds with 100x10 seconds stacked against the comet.  The scope was autoguided at this stage although at first the sky was too bright to be able to off-axis autoguide.  

I then pointed the same kit at the DUmbbell nebula and took 14x10minutes stacked of it to show the scale of the comet in the sky using the same kit on the same scale on the same night!


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