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ISS 3-D anaglyph, 18 July 2020


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About this observation
Chris Hooker
Time of observation
18/07/2020 - 00:54
International Space Station
Observing location
Didcot, Oxfordshire
254 mm Newtonian
5x Powermate
Baader IR-cut filter
ZWO ASI174MM camera
0.65 ms @F/24

This is a 3D anaglyph version of the image posted yesterday, and should be viewed through a pair of red/cyan glasses to see the 3D effect. The Japanese HTV-9 supply module docked to the nadir-facing port of the Destiny lab near the preceding (left-hand) end of the station appears to project towards the viewer, and the heat-rejection panels are clearly behind the main axis of the station.

Passes at lower elevation are better for 3D views, because of the oblique viewing angle, but this image shows the 3D structure quite well. 

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